18.3.2010 - our miracle day

With Cathy survived 2 boys (info soon...)
I want to say THANK YOU - to Zdeňka (breeder of Cathy), she was all day with me, without her I didn´t handle it. To my perfect veterian doctor and all his team - without him Cathy wouldn´t be here with me
And to everybody of you who is thinking about us, writing me nice sms, mails, messages... THANK YOU so much!!!

But the biggest THANKS is here for my darling Cathy - thank you, sweetie, for you are the most stronger dog
with the most stronger heart I have ever seen... You didn´t give up... I never be same without YOU!!

55th day

48th day

42th day

39th day

33th day

24th day

24th day - YES! Pregnancy confirmed :)

Mating 20.+21.1.2010
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