CZ Catherine z Masnerova and Amadu Imana Erevu

Mating 20th January 2010

Pregnancy diary HERE

A Reason To Live Anima Animal 
A Piece Of Heaven Anima Animal

Birth 18.3.2010 - by Caesarean section 57th day serious complications of toxic shock from the dead puppy

It was caused by stress :( My faul - I know what I never do!!

Survived 2 boys from 7 beautiful, but so weak puppies :(

Amadu Imana Erevu

born: 4.4.2004
study dog: 27.5.2006
height: 67cm
weight: 40kg
DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0
color: red wheaten
full scissor bite, full dentition

Why Amadu?

First I saw him, when I was looking for study dogs on the web ČKRR.

I want not so high and husky dog with the nice color of coat which Kačka has too, with beautiful and clever face, kind character and the most important thing is that must be healthy of course! Not only he, but his all family...

When I saw Amadu in the reality, he was for me obvious choice! I love him! :)

He is from well-balanced litter of 6 standard puppies without any healthy problems. I was interested about his special pedigree, sir almost, was imported directly from Africa! And even if it is something new here, because Amadu didn´t have a puppies yet, I will very curious how beautiful babies we will have... Because I love new challenge!!! :)

From his webpage:

Amadu was born in 2004, his dam is Colle Černý Dix (from Czech) and his sir is Danest Tjabo Letsatsi (import form Africa), who gives amazing puppies. In Czech he doesn´t have any others offspring! Amadu is dog with middle size of body, correct anatomy, nice head, excellent ridge and nice colour of coat. He has excellent and deep chest and is very good in the movement.

Amadu has especial character, he is absolutely unconflictful, with amazing feeling in contact with small babies and old people. He is (as all ridgebacks I think) loyal friend of all family, kindly with strange people and with animals.


If you are interested about this litter, you can contact me by mail :) 

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