"F" litter

Mating: February / March 2019
Birth: April / May 2019

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Roxy & Sonny


born: 22. 6. 2013
dam: CZ Catherine z Masnerova
sir: Yudjin Alen King
61 cm
ED 0/0 HD A/A, OCD neg., LTV & SA neg.

 scissor bite, full dentition
red wheaten color

thyroid T4 + TSH - normal levels (LABOKLIN, DE)
blood donor (tests for liver & kidneys, blood testing - all normal)
EOAD: negative
JME: negative
DM: negative
D-Locus: D/D - a healthy homozygote
B-Locus - BB (non carrier of liver gene)
 more info  HERE :)
JCh of Czech republic, Poland
Ch of Romania
Club Champion of ČKRR
multi CAJC, BOJ, res.BIG
CAC, BOS, The best bitch, res. CACIB

- Ability exams. I. merit, 1. price, absolute winner
- Tracking exams, I. merit, 186 points, 1st place + CACT
+ The best tracking work + WINNER OF EXAMS

- Bloodtracking exams, I. merit, 97 points, 2nd place + res. CACT (full CACT)
+ The best bloodtracking work

***CLUB WINNER (the most points of both days)***




VDH 16/10912381
born: 11. 6. 2016
dam: Ndoki Etana Kiruna
sir: Evergraces League of Legend Jax
68,5 cm
ED 0/0 HD A/A, OCD neg., LTV neg.

 scissor bite, full dentition
red wheaten color

hearth sonography 5/2018: Grade 0 - negative
JME: negative
DM: negative
B-locus: Bb
D-locus: Dd
owner: Stefanie Radke (Germany)

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Junior World Winner 2017 
Amsterdam Junior Winner 2017 
Amsterdam Winner 2017 
JBIS Amsterdam Winner 2017 
Vice European Junior Winner 2017 
Club Winner Belgium 2018 
Club Winner Slovenia 2018 
Winner Yearling Class @ Crufts 2018
Best Minor Puppy Dog @ Crufts 2017
Crufts qualified 2019 


photos of Roxy © Klára Olivová
photos of Sonny © Stefanie Radke

Second and last litter of my beloved Roxy :)

This time it took me a lon time to find "Mr. Perfect".
And even though I knew him only from the pictures, when I saw him in real he amazed me so much that I couldn´t resist!
With every further litter and every other experience I try to move altitude up and higher
Again I found nicely constructed, but maily healthy dog with amazing character and temperament,
who fulfills all my ideas about true ridgeback and who has got everything I need for Roxy..
It is a dog of medium size with strong bones, red wheaten color, nicely shaped head with a nice expression,
excellent body size with a nice forechest, good angulation front and rear, a spacious chest and perfectly straight back.
He was born in Ndoki Kennel as one of 18 puppies (I hope this isn´t hereditary in contrast with character and exterior) :D

Both parents are healthy and have got important genetics tests. Puppies from this litter will be:
JME (Juvenile Myoclinic Epilepsy) NEGATIVE
DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) NEGATIVE
by parentage. 

I want to say BIG thanks to Sonny´s owner Stefanie for her confidence in me and in this litter
especially for I have found AGAIN the feeling 
it isn´t only next "mating" and Roxy isn´t only next "bitch" but it is more... ♥
I´m happy I have met other great owner of RRs and I really believe that this litter will be wonderful!

Now we must wait on Roxy and mainly nature opinion... :)

If you are interested about puppies from this litter or if you have questions about, don´t hesitate to contact me :)

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