The return of the Swedish princess alias another breeder’s experience.. 

The last month and half has taken all of my energy. It was a time of unpleasant surprises, lies, slander, sadness and disappointment. Luckily, it did have a happy ending thanks to the willingness and help of my friends and even strangers. I will not name them all as I could possibly leave someone out. They know who they are and I thank them VERY MUCH!

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Finally update!!

15th October we were with Cathy, Keira and Simba on coursing training :)

Next week Cathy was on mentality tests. She did great job!!

Next week Simba went to his new home in Bulgaria with new perfect owners.
Thank you for all your infos about him and for your care and love! :)

Next weekend we had very first action in our "spoRRt klub".
Lots of dogs and my 6 pupps were there! It was perfect, thank you so much for your visit
and I´m looking forward to next time ;)

5.11. CACIB Prague:

Ani (Mrs. Pink) - VERY PROMISING 2/9
Keira (Mrs. Yellow) -  VERY PROMISING
Richie (Mr. Green) - VERY PROMISING 1/6
Enzo (Mr. Orange) - 
Lucky (Mr. Light Blue) - 

MANY thanks to everybody for super presentation!! I´m so happy and proud...
Cathy was "only" very good...

Next weekend we were on CACIB duble show in Slovakia:
Lucky (Mr. Light Blue) - baby class
(every puppy with VP is able to go to BIS ring)
with beautiful cups and judgements! I´m so proud :)

Keira (Mrs. Yellow) - baby class
and in BIS ring
from ALL VP babies of all show!!!!
Thank you for this experience!

Family pic - Enzo, Cathy, Keira and Lucky ;)
Cathy both days very good (sunday without comment..)
Thanks to all our friends for great weekend ;)

Last show in 2011 was CAC in Poland. Keira and Lucky last time in baby class:


We spent last saturday on club show. 7 puppies from 
B litter were there in the ring,
it was perfect day wit perfect results of my babies!
Thanks to everybody for great day, nice presentation of puppes and I´m looking forward to next show!! :)

From left side:
RICHIE - Mr. Green - very promising 3/8
ENZO - Mr. Orange - very promising 4/8
ANI - Mrs. Pink - very promising 3/11
SIMBA - Mr. Gold - promising
Cathy - excellent in open class
KEIRA - Mrs. Yellow - very promising
SHEILA - Mrs. Violet - very promising
LUCKY - Mr. Light Blue - promising

Weekend before this show we had "funny show" by HafBo with girls and Simba :)
Cathy between 8 dogs in FCI group 6:
For Keira and Simba it was very first experience with show ring, but they were amazing!!

Keira in 3 months

2nd place in puppies of group FCI 6

Simba in 3 months

It was so nice show, weather was terrible (rain), but we enjoyed it! And for puppies it was great socialization ;)

I have now 2 pupps only!
Keira and Simba - my twins :) They are playing together, thinking about some BAD things
and very often Cathy asists them! Like 3rd puppy, haha ;)
Simba is going to new home in October.

Keira :)

Simba :)

All babies are in new families here in CZ and some abroad. They are happy and
all of them have got some dogs friend (mainly RR) at home - so this is perfect :)
I want to thanks all new families for information and great care about my puppies,
you are simply the BEST! :)

The longest way was for swedish siblings Zoë (Mrs. Red) and Marwin (Mr. Black), their new owners came here,
spent nice time with us and puppies and went back home with new members of family :)
Now they are enjoying swedish sun!

photo by Sara Eriksson

Gringo (Mr. Brown) is in France now, he has got lot of dogs friends at home :)

Rest of puppies is here in CZ:
Ani (Mrs. Pink) has got RR friend Arletka at home,
Sheila (Mrs. Violet) lives in house in Prague,
Baby (Mrs. White) went to village near the Prague
and Max (Mr. Dark Blue) is in the new home near the Prague too :)
All puppy will have got here own site, stay tuned ;)

My pupps going to very first show next weekend! Keeping your fingers crossed :)

Time flies soooo fast!! Puppies going to new homes now...

First new stacks + tattoo numbers :)

RICHIE - 7035
Mr. Green

SIMBA - 7036
Mr. Gold

ENZO - 7037
Mr. Orange

LUCKY - 7038
Mr. Light Blue

MARWIN - 7039
Mr. Black

GINGO - 7040
Mr. Brown

MAX - 7041
Mr. Dark Blue

ZOË - 7042
Mrs. Red

ANI - 7043
Mrs. Pink

KEIRA - 7044
Mrs. Yellow

BABY - 7045
Mrs. White

SHEILA - 7046
Mrs. Violet
Yesterday went to new home RICHIE (Be One´s Boy by Enzo),
he has got many dog´s friends
(and his owner wrote me that he hasn´t got time to be sad) :)

On Saturday left us ENZO (Be Lion-Hearted Hero),
he has got in new home big RR brother Aaron and same as Richie, Enzo is too so happy! :)

Next one - LUCKY (Be Drive for Life) is in new family :) And his "half" is still in our pack :)
I´m his co-owner and you will see him soon on some show ;)
(I decided that not send him to UK... I know that he would be great representant of my kennel!
Breeder from UK was really interested about him and I want to say THANK YOU for her understanding!
I musted keep him to 2012, but in this age I wouldn´t give him :))
He has got RR brother Bruno :)

I want to thank to all families for great info, pics and mainly for great care about my darlings!!! :)
I couldn´t wish better owners for my babies... THANK YOU!

Control by breeding advisor was good, she praised nice colors, great balanced litter, nice ridges :)
Resume is: 12 pupps (7+5) - 10 show quality, 2 pet quality (boy - 4 crowns, gilr - 4 crowns + undershot)
I´m so happy from this litter, I think that qualite you can see on stacks pics! And Cathy
was all time really GREAT mummy :)
I hope that pupps will make happy new families and see you soon on some show! :)

Today we had special visit from vet surgery - for tattoo and first vaccination and some chips :)
Tattoo numbers with all statistic of litter I will give here after control next week!

New stacking pics are here!! I´m amazed from all this litter, so enjoy it too :)

Mr. Black - Be Loved Forever Anima Animal

Mr. Brown - Be African Miracle Anima Animal

Mr. Dark Blue - Be All I Wanted Anima Animal

Mr. Gold - Be Golden Secret by Anima Animal
EXPORT Germany

Mr. Green - Be One´s Boy by Enzo Anima Animal

Mr. Light Blue - Be Drive for Life Anima Animal

Mr. Orange - Be Lion-Hearted Hero Anima Animal

Mrs. Pink - Be Unique Angel Anima Animal

Mrs. Red - Be Dazzling Diamond Anima Animal

Mrs. Violet - Be Red-Hot Lady Anima Animal

Mrs. White - Be Little Princess Anima Animal
EXPORT Slovakia

Mrs. Yellow - Be Amazing Keira by Anima Animal

I know that this up-date is after loooong time!! But I haven´t got time ;)

Puppies are almost 6 weeks old, they are like "destroying pack",
all days they are in the garden on the sun (not today - is raining too much!),
they are discovering each other, playing, killing...
and mainly have got many many cuddling visits :)

For 10 days I had here my friend Sara (future owner of my girl, Sweden)
for weekend we had next visit - Rosi (future owner of my boy, Germany)
my girls, I´m sooo happy that I met you! Thank you so much for  great time,
help, cuddling pupps and for your nice presents!!

And back for the pupps - they are simply the BEST! :)
I received tatto o numbers, so all of them have got official name now!
New stacks pics with names you can find HERE :)
In the gallery are many many new pics too :)

The last one thing - but important!
Let me introduce you new member of our family :)
Her name is KEIRA, she is amazing, handy and my love!
It was clear from the birth (she had got heart on box of ridge) ;) 


Puppies are great! They are growing so fast, eating meat, puppy dog food, cottage cheeses...
But the best is still Cathy´s milkbar ;)

Yesterday we had visit - thank you so much, girls, for help with very first stacks!!
I think we did great job ;)

Here is Mr. Orange - all pics are HERE :) Or here in gallery :)

Darlings are 14 days old!
They have open eyes and they can do first steps ;)
Cathy is great mummy - she sleeps back in my bed again, but goes to puppybox to feeds them and taking care ;)
Yesterday all babies was de-wormed (they told it wasn´t so good..)
and tomorrow I will try to give them first cottage!
Cathy was yesterday on first walk after birth and she was soooo happy!! Running and jumping as always
- (with belly she couldn´t..) :))

Up-date pics in gallery - individual and daily mix :)

LAST show quality is waiting for new family!!!! Other puppies are reserved :) Happy me!!!
If you are interesting about last boy, let me know, please!

"B" babies are one week old!!
They have as presents new collars and look like small doggies now ;)

Pics in galery (individual and mix)


I´m sorry for late update, but I really have too much work ;)

"B" darlings are 5th day on the world, all are fine, only eating and sleeping :)
Cathy is AMAZING mummy, she is stronger and stronger - yesterday she was running
on the garden and looks very happy! And I spend all my time taking care of pupps and mum :)

First control by breeder advisor: very nice, balanced litter, no DS, no kinked tails,
minimum white color, 10x show quality ridge, 2x multicrown (girl sure and boy - we will see later),
puppies are full of power and they are so active :)
They are really wonderful, I can´t wait to opening eyes ;)

In the gallery are some pics from first days - enjoy it :)

Delivery of small miracles into the world

This day I can´t describe by few words... I can´t describe it in long article...
It was a BIG day full of joy, happiness and especially great feeling of victory!!

First visible contractions began around 3 AM, Cathy was unquiet, went up and down,
wanted to go to give birth on the garden in her puppybox ;)
Finally she went to bed under cover and first "bed" boy was born at 5:56 AM.

We moved into our home puppybox, pauses between other pupps are different,
but Cathy was very quiet all time!
After few hours I could see that she power isn´t too big... She ate in one long interval between pupps
2 chicken thighs and during all birth drank about 2 litres of dogs enegrydrink (RC Rehydration support).

At 18:40 came into the world mini baby girl (only 260g), but she is strong :)
We can still felt baby in her belly, so I took her to vet clinic to x-ray - to be sure.
X-ray showed one baby, we bought oxytocin - to help her, and returned home.
Last boy was born at 21:07, I was soooo happy that it is end and were few tears of happiness :)
All puppies born alive, breathing and immediately they sucked milk too hard!

I would like to say THANKS to Cathys breeder Zdenka for help all time - now I know how to do it :)
Thanks to Enzo for 12 happy healthy amazing babies sleeping in the puppy box now :)
For Ivka - thank you for your confidence!! I think result is perfect ;)
And for all of you - for your great support, your thoughts, keeping fingers crossed, lovely sms, messages, emails...

But the biggest thanks are for my beloved Catherine!
Great you made it, my dear!! You are just a unique fighter with BIG heart :)

All time Cathy hadn´t got problems, worked great and I think that she proved to everybody
that she isn´t useless dog with many diseases - how  some people said after A litter!
And for me this is really great victory! Can´t describe, how happy I am ;)

Puppies profiles are HERE!


61th day of pregnancy

I hope this is the last news with full belly :)
Cathy doesn´t want to eat, is unquiet and temperature go down...
But before moment she ate my lunch (chicken) and was on the garden to wagging her tail
and did some model pics ;)


59th day


56th day of pregnancy

Only few days to birth! :)
Cathy is smiling, wagging her tail, but puppies are sometimes little bit naughty,
so she doesn´t know, how to lies down :)
Probably they have got some coursing training, hihi :)
I can´t wait for them!!!


50th day of pregnancy

Time flies so fast!!! Only few more days...
Cathy is fine, all days relaxing on the sun or on some beds inside :)
Pupps had yesterday probably some football match, I felt first soft moves!

Thanks everyone for thinking on us and for nice words of support!
I believe that it will be ok this time and doesn´t matter if we will have 5 or 10 puppies,
the most important is that Cathy and all puppies will be healthy!

Pregnancy diary

Some news from the world´s of pregnant woman:
Belly grows and grows (44th day - 84cm), last nigth pupps probably were preparing for the first coursing,
because we hadn´t too much sleep and
Cathy slept until I massaged her belly - so care is really ALL INCLUSIVE! :)
She eats 4 times a day and about the sweets - the biggest expert is my grandma :)

We walk on daily walks, Cathy wanted to catch some ducks yesterday, but after a couple of quick movements
she changed her mind and began to happily roll on the ground :)
Puppy box is ready, because she makes little holes in the garden :)


Cathys apetite is BACK finally! She eats everything now ;) And she looks
amazing as pregnant girl I think :)

Pregnancy diary

Cathy is enjoying her pregnancy, all days she sleeps on the sun, eats many good food
(this week she loves chicken, sweets and MY steak) ;)
She is smiling all time, wagging her tail and wants to hug with us!


Today USG confirmed puppies!!!
I can´t write how I´m happy...


Daddy of our planned B-litter ENZO rocks in show rings!!!

While Cathy is getting fat, Enzo rocks in shows and collects titles:
22.1. Trenčín (SK) - CAC, CACIB, BOB
20.2. Rzesow (PL) - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG, BIS4

6.3. Jaroslaw (PL) - CAC

26.3. Érd (HU) - CAC

1.5. Banská Bystrica (SK) - CAC, BOB
14.5. Jaszberény (HU) - CAC, BOB, BIS8/50

BIG congrats to Enzo and his owner Ivka, you are great team and I´m proud of you!! :)


19th day of pregnancy
Cathy is more cuddly, has got careful expression in her face
and mainly she is really REALLY hungry!! :)
We will go to USG around 16th May, so keep your fingers crossed! :)

We spent almost one week in Slovakia :)
Doggies were enjoing their honeymoon, it was really nice to see it! :)
Keeping your fingers crossed for us - USG in one month!

More info HERE :)


My dearest Cathy, you have 4th birthday today and I wish you all the best!
My life is great with you and I´m so happy that I have got you!! :)
I wish you long life, many friends, sweets, walks.. and all what you love too much :)
Thanks to all of you for very nice wishes!!! :)

Cathy´s planned present - Easter rabbit Enzo is done for 100% :)

Boys from A litter celebrate 1st birthday today!!

It is a year after your birth today.
Your arrival wasn´t planned this day, was very complicated and certainly wasn´t happy as usually is. But after your birth
you had really big desire to live and you made me happy. This 2 months with you were the BEST..

Now you making happy your new families and I wish you all the best for next years, my dears :)

We were with Cathy today on the ultrasound of the uterus, examination of the eyes and blood tests.

Ultrasound of the uterus:

Eyes tests:
opthalmoscophy, ultrasound of the eyes, intraocular pressure, iridocorneal angle


Advanced blood tests:
hematology (erytrocytes, leukocytes, trombocytes, hemoglobin, hematocrit...)
biochemistry (P, Ca, K, Na, Cl)
cholesterol, albumin, glucose, bilirubin
hepatical and pankreatical enzymes (ALT, AST, GMT...)
hormons of thyroid gland (T4, FT4 - free serum thyroxin)



I´m soooo happy that Cathy is totally healthy and we can looking forward to planned special B litter :)




Saturday - judge: Rehanek (CZ)
Sunday - judge: Vaclavik (CZ)

Jony - joung class - VERY GOOD and GOOD
I´m so sorry about it, because he looks great I think :(
(in Sunday he was so afraid of "instrument for measuring the height" and of judge too...)
The training stack:

But Cathy ROCKED both days!!!

Saturday (CACIB with CRUFT nomination):
in Sunday she added:

(in Saturday from 12 and in Sunday from 10 bitches)

I din´t expect that we could be so successful!!! I´m so happy of my girl :)

Many thanks to all our friends for 2 great days (especially to Monika - you know why :)),
next to all our "fans", who kept fingers crossed for us!
And the biggest thank is for my Cathy - you are my sweetheart, I love you so much!!

After show I photoshooted Mr. Ascot (our daddy) and Honzina (our half-sister) who in the champion class shone both days!!
She have got 2x CAC and 2x CACIB + CRUFT nomination - congrats, girls!!! :)

Ascot with his girls :)


This Christmas and the end of the year we spent on our cottage :)
It was great time there!

One day we were visiting RR girl Arletka - Cathy´s new friend!
Girls were playing together and we are looking forward next visit - longer ;)

Cathy in the "BAYWATCH" jacket as bodyguard ;)

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